This is the story of every orphan women who are about to turn 18 who stays at orphanages and would need to leave when they turn 18 as the support provided to them by the authorities is only until the age of 18.

They are all worried ... because...

They have no place to go and no income to support themselves. Having no education nor skills to earn money. And to add to that trust issues as they are suddenly put into a world they know very little off.

The safety and future of these women is something that they themselves worry about and we also should ponder upon

There are more than 5 lakh women who face this issue every year in India.

If these women are given the opportunity, they would love to...

- not go into wrong company / marriage / profession due to lack of support

- Complete their education / learn some new skills so that they can earn money and be independent

- Be able to build their own future and feel safe in the outside world

CAWSE Foundation understands the issue and initiates Project Yasaswini
A small step towards effective rehabilitation and social re-integration of women orphans.
CAWSE Foundation will provide the support needed to these women :

Safe and Secure Accomodation

Right to Citizenship / Identity

Food and Clothing


Education / Training


Skill Development and Training

We are constantly connecting with institutions that can provide the necessary skill training required to these women who then can upskill themselves.
By this means, they would be able to support themselves and stand on their feet, thus empowering them to live a better and satisfied life.

Some of the options that we would like to offer these women are:

Data Analytics
Web Development
Mobile App Development
General Nursing
Digital Marketing
and many other options of their choice


₹ 42000


₹ 36000

Clothing and Healthcare

₹ 36000

Education and Training

₹ 60000

Admin and other expenses

₹ 26000


₹ 200000

Our Objective for the next 12 months

To provide Care and Support to 100 Women and make them Independent